About Us

Your one-stop destination for high-end fashion maternity, kids and newborn clothing.

We are a small but growing company providing every piece of clothing on the principles of non-toxic high-quality materials, style and comfort.

We started this business because finding ethically sourced, high-end fashionable clothing for mothers and kids was almost impossible without breaking the bank. So we began working with local artisans and boutiques to provide hand-sewn, high-quality clothes that were reasonably priced.

Today, our products are now hand-sewn in the United States and Canada that will last the test of time and of course, the little ones.

We are a proud supporter of Mother2Mothers and La Leche International who are international NGO's supporting and educating women to unlock their potential in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world to create healthy families. 

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Going forward we want our business to further contribute supporting initiatives and providing comfortable, stylish clothing for confident women and their kids.